How Do I Use The 4G Hotspot In My Chevy Car?

How Do I Use The 4G Hotspot In My Chevy Car?

What is 4G Connectivity?

Integrating your mobile device into the touchscreen dash of your Chevrolet vehicle enables you to keep your eyes on the road at all times while still enjoying the connectivity that you receive on your phone. To take advantage of applications, you need to be connected, and it's a 4G hotspot that will give you maximum connectivity while you're driving to your destinations. 4G hotspots let you connect to the Internet and take advantage of the applications that already exist on your phone. You can use the 4G connection via the USB ports that come pre-installed on your vehicle (not all models come with this luxury, so before you buy to make sure you're getting a 4G hotspot or buy one additionally).

How To Use 4G Hotspot in your Chevy Car

The MyChevrolet mobile application comes with your 4G enabled vehicle. Many Chevy vehicles come with this: Cars, trucks, and SUVs, both big and small. It's important to discuss with your dealer that you want a 4G hotspot in your vehicle so that you can hook up to all your cool apps in your car. If you don't discuss this beforehand, you might inadvertently end up buying a vehicle that doesn't come with a 4G hotspot. 4G is the fastest hotspot known to man which means you're going to be connecting at the premium speed you need to get things done quickly in your car, truck, or SUV. The 4G hotspot can make all the difference when you're hooking up to map programs that help you reach your destination on a road trip or find a place to eat when you're out of town. 4G is the fastest way to do all those things, and we know that it means so much to our customers.

How To Use the 4G Hotspot in Chevy Vehicles:

Total Time: 2 Minutes

  1. Press OnStar
  2. Go to Wi-Fi settings
  3. Type in your username and password to connect
  4. Get ready for some fun!

And you're good to go! Now everyone in the vehicle can use the hotspot to connect to the Internet. If a family member in the backseat has a tablet they want to use, they can use your 4G hotspot, already activated, to connect to the Internet even if you're driving in the middle of nowhere! And it's that simple. You set up your hotspot, link to it, and you're off at the speed of light to great games, maps, and tools on the go. So many people are using this feature now, and it's difficult to believe that even a few short years ago cars weren't equipped with this feature. Now you can find all of your essential phone apps right on your dash or connect to the Internet just like you were at home.

How Can I Have A 4G Hotspot In My Chevy?

We invite you to visit us here at Vandergriff Chevrolet and test out features like the 4G Hotspot on already equipped vehicles. And remember, this is an optional feature on so many cars, so make sure that you request it when you checkout! We will help you customize your vehicle just the way you want and send you home fully connected. We're the people who can help you get hooked up to your favorite apps for less. For more information, call us, write to us, or stop by and see us today when you're ready to test out these amazing features.

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