See How Domino's and Chevrolet are Changing the Way to Order Pizza

Chevy Sonic

Order a Pizza, "As Easy As Pie"

If you’ve ever wished and prayed to the heavens that you could order a pizza straight from your car without having to pull out your phone or that you left in another location, well then Chevrolet and Dominos have teamed up to answer your prayers. Since 2017, millions of people who own new Chevrolets can now actually order a pizza “as easy as pie” straight from their vehicle! It’s a very simple and easy process, so let’s dive into this dish and see just how the process of ordering pizza from a car actually works.

Similar to the Apple and Android marketplace, where apps are created and downloaded by users, new Chevrolet models have access to the Chevrolet Marketplace. In here, users can download their favorite apps: this includes, you guessed it, ordering pizza from Dominos. With just a few clicks on their in-dash display screens, owners can pay for and order a pizza within seconds. Effortlessly choosing in-store pick-up or at-home delivery is included in the app and is what makes the process a joy from start to finish.

Users must all register for an account with Dominos online, and then sign into the app using their credentials. All preferred delivery and payment information is stored and ready to be implemented in real time into the vehicle’s app. Users can even save their favorite pizza and order combinations for quicker purchase speeds! As if having a personalized and dedicated WiFi hotspot in a Chevrolet wasn’t cool enough, ordering a personalized pan most definitely seals the deal.

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