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See How Domino's and Chevrolet are Changing the Way to Order Pizza

Chevy Sonic

Order a Pizza, "As Easy As Pie"

If you’ve ever wished and prayed to the heavens that you could order a pizza straight from your car without having to pull out your phone or that you left in another location, well then Chevrolet and Dominos have teamed up to answer your prayers. Since 2017, millions of people who own new Chevrolets can now actually order a pizza “as easy as pie” straight from their vehicle! It’s a very simple and easy process, so let’s dive into this dish and see just how the process of ordering pizza…

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Why Millennials Favor These Chevys?

Chevys are Favored

When it comes to reliability, Chevrolet is in the top of its class. That's the reason the Chevrolet brand appeals to millennials. From Chevrolet trucks to crossover vehicles, millennials are excited about owning a Chevrolet vehicle. According to a recent survey by Autolist that targeted millennials, the Chevrolet brand beat out other well-known brands in the industry.

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How To Safeguard Your Car From Hacking

Protect Your Car From Hacking

When manufacturers first began adding microcomputers to vehicles decades ago, even they never could have anticipated how very connected cars would be today. After all, the first "apps" only appeared in the late 2010's and even cellphone usage wasn't all that "connected" up until that time. When people began using payment information to buy online apps and interact with their phones in this way, hacking of cellphones became a real thing. And in today's world, with its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps leading the way, connected security is a very real thing for vehicle owners as…

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Tips & Tricks for Pothole Season From Chevrolet

Now that spring has sprung, icy roads are long gone and in their wake, they leave roads full of potholes that can cause serious damage to your vehicle, in the end costing you money. Follow these quick tips to make sure your car stays in tip-top condition. 

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Chevy Expands Teen Driving Technology to Ten Models

Taking the family car out for a solo drive is the ultimate rite of passage for a teenager, but from a parents’ perspective, this point on their child’s journey to adulthood is quite anxiety-inducing. Chevrolet has taken the initiative to both tighten safety measures and provide parents with an inside look at their teen’s driving habits.

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