What is myChevrolet?

The myChevrolet app is an application for your vehicle and smartphone operating system to work together and help you maintain and learn more about your vehicle's options. For example, roadside assistance can be scheduled from the myChevrolet app. You can also log in and check your My Chevrolet Rewards to see what you've earned so far. You'll find discounts, OnStar links, and so much more on myChevrolet. One of its most important features is the ability to schedule maintenance and repair with your preferred dealer.

How to Manage and Schedule Service Via myChevrolet

Your preferred dealer should be the dealer you either bought your Chevrolet from or that you want to use for maintenance and repair visits. The service department of any dealership is going to be one of its most important departments. It's the vital "aftercare" that you expect from your dealership. For example, if you want to use us for service visits, you'll need to:

  • Login to myChevrolet with your OnStar or Owner Center username and password
  • Set us as your preferred dealer
  • Go to Scheduling and then pick a date to set up service

Available dates are shown via a handy calendar. Dates and times that aren't available won't allow you to schedule for that day, so it's a handy way to keep from the confusion of scheduling mishaps. Pick a day that's convenient for you, and you'll find an abundance of times to select from, too. Once you've scheduled, you'll get a service reminder (if you want one). It's an easy way to make sure you never forget about a service appointment again!

Learn More About myChevrolet

Scheduling a service visit with us via the myChevrolet app is often much more convenient than making a phone call. We all remember the frustration of "on hold music" and the wait times to get ahold of a live operator. It's no fun. From now on, just use the myChevrolet app to get your service visits scheduled, and you'll get a handy reminder via your smartphone app, too. If you have any more questions about the revolutionary myChevrolet app, all you have to do is give us a call or write to us on our website. You can also ask us about it the next time you're in. We can even help you set it up. Just contact us for more info.