How Our ZAK Premium Paint and Fluid Products Protect Your Vehicle

Vehicles are a significant investment, so it only makes sense to do what it takes to protect them. Scheduled maintenance helps owners to save money and to preserve the value of their vehicle. Maintenance is a preventative service that reduces the need for future repairs, boosts the comfort of the vehicle, and improves performance for better fuel efficiency.

The products we offer for mechanical and exterior use allows for optimal performance and reduced wear. Our ZAK line includes a variety of track-proven quality products.

Benefits of ZAK Protection

The ZAK line includes fluids formulated to work in systems throughout the vehicle. Protect the HVAC system, the battery, and the fuel system. The line also makes available oil, diesel, transmission and steering fluid, battery and cooling, and brakes.

Protecting the mechanical system makes no sense if the exterior becomes compromised. Exterior care includes the effective Headlight Restoration Kit to remove the yellowing caused by oxidation on headlight lenses. Maximum Tire Shine and Maximum Suds Car Wash help to make the vehicle look like it did on the day you picked it up at the dealership.

It is not always enough to wash and wax a vehicle. The UV rays of the sun, the acid in bird droppings, and exposure to road salt, car wash detergents, and much more can dull or damage the finish. The ZAK Ultimate Appearance Protection Package fights against all the environmental concerns and other issues that can affect the exterior of the vehicle. A polymer-based application creates a protective film across the exterior to protect the finish from industrial pollution and any other environmental concern that can affect paint. An interior version is also available through ZAK.

Zak Fluids

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What Makes ZAK Products Different?

The products provided by ZAK have formulas designed to lubricate or clean the systems during their use. The treatments cost more but last longer than lower cost formulas, so the long-term cost of their use is less than what many people pay for less effective brands.

Another benefit is how well ZAK formulas provide the performance they promise. The quality of the fluid line improves performance and maintains vehicle conditions. Fewer breakdowns and repair costs make the use of the line even more cost-efficient.

ZAK Products Available at Vandergriff Chevrolet

Our Arlington, Texas dealership offers the full line of ZAK products, so it is easy for our local customers to upgrade to the fluids. Contact us online or stop by the dealership to learn more about the line of ZAK products and how they can benefit you.

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