Newly Converted Chevy K5 Blazer-E  

Chevrolet's EV Kit Basics

Ever since electric cars offered up a simpler, cleaner way to get power from automobiles, people have been wondering if you can convert gas powertrains to electric ones. Chevrolet answered that question definitively when they converted a 1977 K5 Blazer into one of the world's first gas-to-electric powertrain conversions. The success of taking an old Chevy K5 Blazer and configuring it with current technological abilities was a true achievement in the industry, and publications have heaped praise on Chevrolet all year long for the announcement.

2021 EV Retrofit Kits

Chevrolet wasn't content to make EV kits for themselves. They wanted to share their expertise with Chevy drivers all around the country by offering eCrate engines and batteries in the form of a kit. These kits make it easier than ever before to turn your old gas-powered engine into an electric car for a brand new feel and utility. In the latter half of 2021, Chevrolet will make their EV Retrofit kits available to all. There is no official date for the release as of yet.

The automaker is also training certified auto-mechanics all around the country to be able to easily install these kits for customers who don't want another DIY project. Millions of people love working on cars every year, and someone with enough know-how will certainly be able to use the kits themselves. However, for those less mechanically-inclined, Chevrolet wants trained technicians to install the kits.

Chevrolet eCrate

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