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About Lunch Box of Love

Lunch Box of Love is an Arlington-based non-profit organization that believes in helping less fortunate people receive the things they need. So many of us take our security for granted. We believe that we could never be the person going hungry or the person who needs clothing. As so many found out recently, life can change in the blink of an eye. A job can be lost, and people get displaced. For those people, Lunch Box of Love is there to reach out a helping hand.

What Does Lunch Box of Love Do?

All charities are programs of action:

  1. They see a need.
  2. They research and analyze the need.
  3. They act to meet that need.

Lunch Box of Love sees many needs in their community. Sometimes people need clothing. Other times, they may not have enough healthy food to eat. Lunch Box of Love offers aid to people who may need these everyday things, such as pillows, toiletries, and household supplies. Whenever Lunch Box of Love sees a need, they seek to meet it.

Volunteers packing and offering food and clothes  

Arlington area residents can rely on this non-profit for many things. For example, Lunchbox of Love held a "Pillow Drive" that helps people get comfortable pillows to rest on each night. It's such a simple need, one so many people take for granted, but there are people in the world who can't afford even the basics of life. That's why charities like these are such important entities in our communities. As a non-profit, Lunch Box of Love relies on volunteer support and welcomes new volunteers as often as they come through their doors. They want to foster an environment of giving, compassion, and care among the many people who donate their time and money to make this project a success.

Lunch Box of Love wants people to recognize that little things in the lives of those who are less fortunate can mean a lot. A clean bed set, a pillow, healthy food, and clean clothing might be something everyone takes for granted, but there are many people in Arlington who will be grateful to have access to these simple things. That's why Lunch Box of Love exists. They spread hope and bring more security to the lives of people who are struggling.

Where You Can Learn More

You can visit the Lunch Box of Love website to learn more about their mission and goals. You'll find lots of pictures there to be inspired by. As always, they continue to dare you to care.