Chevy Battery Replacement Services

Find out when to have your car battery replaced in Arlington by watching this helpful video.

Car batteries typically last less than three years in Texas due to the excessive heat during the summer months. The hot temperatures can do a number on your Chevy car battery, causing its lifespan to quickly diminish. If you've had your car battery for more than three years in the Arlington area, be sure to keep an eye out for these top symptoms related to battery failure.

  1. Low battery fluids
  2. Check engine light is on
  3. Battery case is bloated
  4. Battery is leaking
  5. Engine is slow to crank
  6. Headlights are dim

Bring your car down to our service center at Vandergriff Chevy if you notice the above signs. Our  team of trained service technicians can assess your car and determine if you're  in need of Chevy car battery replacement. We can also show you our complete battery inventory filled with top options from Duralast and Diehard.

The Importance of Battery Maintenance in Arlington

Chevrolet Battery ServiceIf you truly want to prolong the life of your car battery, routine battery maintenance is the key. There is a selection of annual services you should have performed on your Chevy to keep your battery in tip top shape. A battery diagnostic test should be conducted each year to make sure your battery is functioning properly, and your battery terminals should be routinely cleaned to prevent corrosion. We also recommend having your battery cable ends inspected to prevent damage that could lead to battery failure. These components can also be replaced when needed.

In addition to these battery maintenance services, you can  protect your car battery at home by making sure you always shut off your car lights before exiting the vehicle and unplugging any power adapters when they're not in use. You should also drive your Chevy car for more than 20 minutes a day to ensure your battery is being fully charged each drive. This  can help prevent a shortened battery life.

Have additional inquiries regarding battery protection and our services at Vandergriff Chevy? Contact us for information. We're happy to help!


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