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To safely merge with traffic on the highway and to keep up with other vehicles while you're driving, it's crucial that your car is accelerating how it should be. You may notice at some point that your vehicle isn't accelerating as quickly as it did when you first brought it home. Don't worry; there are a few common issues that may be the culprit.

Having a Dirty Mass Air Flow Sensor or Dirty Oxygen Sensor

It's common for a mass airflow sensor or oxygen sensor to get dirty with dirt and other particulates in the air around us. Your acceleration can suffer when these sensors are dirty, and many vehicle owners also experienced lowered fuel efficiency ratings. You can set up a service appointment at Vandergriff Chevrolet to have your dirty mass airflow sensor cleaned. Unfortunately, an oxygen sensor has to be replaced if it's dirty, but this is a quick process to take care of.

Issues with a Throttle Position Sensor

Your engine has a computer inside it that communicates with other areas of your vehicle to keep your automobile running correctly. Your throttle position sensor is one of these parts that communicates with your computer, and it must be open at a certain angle for your vehicle to accelerate properly. If your sensor is broken or dirty, the angle won't change to the right angle because the parts lack communication. Changing out this part or cleaning it can rectify the problem.

Taking Care of a Clogged Fuel Filter

You want to keep particulates and sludge out of your engine, and you can do this by way of a clogged fuel filter. When you allow these impurities to build up inside your gas tank and other areas of your vehicle, you'll find that your car isn't accelerating quickly enough. Promote proper fuel flow to your engine by replacing your fuel filter according to the information outlined in your owner's manual.

Replacing a Dirty Air Filter

Your owner's manual also outlines a maintenance schedule for your engine's air filter. This part of your vehicle is essential when it comes to acceleration and protecting your engine. We can take care of this maintenance task during your routine service appointments.

You can contact Vandergriff Chevrolet if you would like to schedule an appointment with our service department. We can run diagnostics on any check engine light that you may have on, and we can look into these common issues that contribute to a decreased acceleration rate.


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