The Corvette History from C1 to C8  

Corvette has a long history that stretches back to the middle of the 20th century. Here's a tour of the different generations of Corvette cars going from C1 to the modern C8.

The C1 generation of Corvette vehicles began in 1953. The vehicle wasn't extraordinarily popular until a bit further into its development, as the 1954 version only sold a fraction of what they produced that year. The 1956 corvette was the beginning of what people loved about the luxury brand.

The C2 generation began with the 1963 version, which people called the Sting Ray. It has coupe-style with a three or four-speed gearbox.

For the C3 generation, it began in 1968 as the look changed. Many call these vehicles “Sharknado” because of the slim look and sleek lines that give it its moniker.

The first vehicle from the C4 generation began in 1984. These vehicles were completely redesigned and have a lower center of gravity from before though they still have decent clearance. The 1985 Corvette is easily one of the most iconic vehicles for the brand. It's quite recognizable from American history in general, and it has the iconic rear section with the four big lights. Vehicles evolved from here with very sleek styles that all look like racing cars.

C5 started in 1997. Another big redesign makes the vehicles have even more curves and a new engine in the LS1. The horsepower is now up to 345.

The C6 generation starts with the 2005 vehicle that was unveiled at the auto show in Detroit in 2004. This one has an LS2 series engine that increases to 6 liters.

The first C7 vehicle for Corvette started in 2014. The vehicles have an aluminum frame now, and the engine goes to LT1 V8. It also makes the hood made of carbon fiber for strength and to make sure the chassis is lightweight.

Finally, the modern C8 generation began in 2020. One of the biggest features of this generation so far is that Corvette finally moved the engine to the middle instead of putting it right up front in the nose like it was traditionally.

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