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How Often does Chevrolet Recommend an Oil Change?

Chevrolet recommends that drivers schedule an oil change in 3,000-mile intervals to improve the performance of the vehicle. Cars that require synthetic oil only need oil changes every 7,500 to 10,000 or every 12 months. Drivers should top off the oil periodically to ensure the parts in the engine are lubricated in between oil changes. Routine oil changes are necessary for increasing the lifespan of the vehicle and reducing the risk of expensive repairs that may be needed. Make sure to check your owner’s manual for more information.

When Should I Replace my Tires?

Replacing the tires is one of the most important parts of maintaining your vehicle to ensure you remain safe on the road. The tires need to be replaced when there's less than 2/32” of depth left, which is a requirement by many states.

Do I Have to Pay For a Recall?

The automaker will notify you via mail or email if there's a recall on your vehicle, which means that it needs repairs to continue operating correctly. Typically, the automaker is responsible for covering the costs of the recall because the issue was likely caused due to mistakes during the manufacturing process. Recalls are not a sign that the car is defective. All makes and models have recalls at times. You'll have a certain amount of time to bring the vehicle in and have the necessary repairs performed by our technicians.

Will My Warranty Cover My Repairs?

If mechanical issues begin to develop under the hood then the warranty will likely cover the costs. If the issues are due to damage or a lack of maintenance then the driver may need to pay out of pocket to repair the vehicle. You can contact us to speak to a technician to learn more about the specific details of the warranty on your car.

What Services Does Your Maintenance Department Cover?

Our service department performs oil changes, wheel alignment, visual inspections, transmission repair, AC repair, brake repair or replacement, and more.

Do You Have Loaner Vehicles or a Shuttle?

Our dealership is happy to provide our customers with courtesy vehicles to ensure you can continue to have a reliable mode of transportation as your car is serviced at our location. If you prefer to stay at our dealership until the end of your appointment, you can utilize our comfortable waiting area, which includes televisions, magazines, and refreshments.

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